Since 1999 Marinescape has been proud to be Ottawa's most complete marine aquarium retailer. We offer top quality:

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  • Inverts
  • Equipments
  • Dry Goods

Holiday Hours

Posted on 2021-12-23

Fri Dec 24 Closed
Sat Dec 25 Closed
Sun Dec 26 Closed
Mon Dec 27 Closed
Tues Dec 28 12-5
Wed Dec 29 12-5
Thur Dec 30 12-5
Fri Dec 31 Closed
Sat Jan 1 Closed
Sun Jan 2 Closed
Mon Jan 3 Closed
Tues Jan 4 12-5


Holiday Hours

Posted on 2021-12-23

Fri Dec 24 Closed
Sat Dec 25 Closed
Sun Dec 26 Closed
Mon Dec 27 Closed
Tues Dec 28 12-5
Wed Dec 29 12-5
Thur Dec 30 12-5
Fri Dec 31 Closed
Sat Jan 1 Closed
Sun Jan 2 Closed
Mon Jan 3 Closed
Tues Jan 4 12-5


June 11 update

Posted on 2021-06-10

We are pleased to welcome customers back in the store (one at a time to comply with Ontario guidelines). Thank you for your continued support.

Holiday Hours

Posted on 2020-12-23

Dec 24. 12-2pm
Dec 25. Closed
Dec 26. Closed
Dec 27 Closed
Dec 28. Closed
Dec 29. 12-5pm (curb side only)
Dec 30. 12-5pm (curb side only)
Dec 31. Closed
Jan. 1. 12-5pm (curb side only)

Enjoy the Holidays

June 30 update

Posted on 2020-06-29

We will now be welcoming customers in the store one at a time (or 2 from same household) 12-5 Tuesday to Sat. This should enable us to maintain our distance goals.
Curbside will still be offered.
We will be wearing non medical masks and encourage you to do the same.


May 27 update

Posted on 2020-05-26

As many of you are aware it is now legal for us to have customers in the store as long as public health [two metre physical distance] measures are followed.

We will be open Tuesday to Saturday as always.

We will continue curb side only from 12 to 3 PM as many of our clientele have expressed a preference for it.

In addition we will be welcoming customers back into the store from 3 to 5 PM.

Initially this will be one at a time due to the tight quarters especially near the entrance. We don’t anticipate this being a problem since we are low traffic location this time of year. However, there may be a wait if a number of people arrive at the same time. If someone is waiting we may apply a time limit.

We will be wearing non-medical masks to help protect our customers when customers are in the store. We request the same from you. A hand sanitizer station will be just inside the door.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thanks again for your support.
Keith and Mark

April 7 update

Posted on 2020-04-07

We are currently operating under curb side delivery protocols that we began March 20.
Orders and payments over the phone and curb side delivery to the parking lot.
We have tried to stock primarily items required to maintain your aquariums health but still have lots of other inventory.

Reduced hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12-3pm.

We have added an additional phone # to make this work more smoothly.

Contact info

613 761 1743 landline
613 581 6721 cell. (Can accept WhatsApp video calls)

Thank you for your support.
Stay safe

March 27 Update

Posted on 2020-03-26

We are still operating under the protocols we begin last Friday. We are open but only taking orders over the phone or Internet and delivering out to your vehicle in the parking lot. This is the only way we are able to achieve the physical distancing guidelines.
No new livestock orders this week. We are however well-stocked on the staples in order to keep your aquarium inhabitants healthy. Frozen food salt additives etc. We are also well stocked in cleaner crew.
We still have lots of coral in stock. And quite a few fish as well.
We did get some new reef wave pumps in. They had been a hotly anticipated item a few weeks back when we ordered them.

613 761 1743
613 581 6721 for etransfer.

Do not assume we have seen your email until you hear back from us.

Thanks for your support.

March 24 update.

Posted on 2020-03-23

The recent public guidance has included us in the essential services category. We will be following the no customers in the store protocols we began last week. We have added a second number to make the process go more smoothly. It is a cell phone so should allow video link to show some of the life in the store. WhatsApp or google duo so far.
Store number 613 761 1743
Cell. 613 581 6721 (orders only please)


Posted on 2020-03-20

Dear Valued customers.

We are taking public health recommendations seriously and feel the best way we can keep our community safe is to minimize our store traffic. The door will be locked except for deliveries.

We will take orders over the phone and deliver to your vehicle. If we are busy it may take a few tries to get through.

Payment by cc over the phone or e transfer. Receipt in the bag.

Thank you for your patience and support.


Temporary Hours
Tues-Sat 12-5

New Stock

Posted on 2018-04-19

NEW STOCK...two orders.....
mandarin gobies, yellow wrasse, LRS reef frenzy, PE mysis, frags, astrea, blue eye candy cardinal, blue porcelain, blue star leopard wrasse, cleaner shrimp, copperbands, emperor angel juv, blue tangs, long nose hawk, magnificent foxface, mexican red legs, naso tang, nassarius, pepperint shrimp, phyto-feast live, pink turban snails, true soloman superman, radiant wrasse, rainfords, solar fairy, saifin tang, scarlet hermits, sea hares, sixline wrasse, nice soft corals, square back anthias, tigger pods, trochus snails, yellow pyramid, yellow tail tamarin...lots of new local frags, Vitalis food, seasons greeting for info please...sea ya soon !!!!


Posted on 2018-01-04

Huge Livestock order has lots of amazing local frags came in this week...highlights

Frags, Bicolour angel, bimac anthias, blue face angel, cleaner shrimp, SPS, copperbands, coral banded, emperor angel, blood shrimp, firefish, foxface, harlequin shrimp, hippo tang, lawnmower blenny, lubbocks, magnificant foxface, mandarin, mexican red legs, halloween urchins, naso tang, nassarius, orange acan, peppermints, powder brown tang, purple firefish, purple mushrooms, radiant wrasse, regal angel, ruby red, sailfin tang, scarlet hermits, SPS, square back anthias, tiger tail cucs, trochus, volcano fromia, yellow wrasse, yellow flanked fairy, yellow watchman, Large Zoa, amazing zoa frags and tonnes of new local for info...sea ya soon!!


BOXING WEEK SALES ( Tuesday to Thursday 11-6)

Posted on 2017-12-22

BOXING WEEK SALES !!!! (Tuesday to Thursday 11-6)

Aquaforest Reef Salt Bucket $54.99

Aquaforest Additives 15% off

Maxspect RSX Lights 15% off

Radion Pro XR30 and XR 15 10% off

Sicce Pumps 10% off

Salifert Test Kits 15% off

Amazing Frag, Coral and Fish sales !!!!!

While Supples Last....Sea You Tuesday at 11


New Stock

Posted on 2017-11-08

New Stock.....
Black cap basslet, blue reef chromis, cherub angel, atlantic blue tang, chalk basslet, swissgaurd basslet, royal gramma, blue leg hermits, scarlet hermits, Ricordea (nice), blue zoo"s (nice), emeralds, pearly jaw, hippo tangs, Aussie Acans, cleaner wrasse, seahorse, sea hare....ect...please call for info
REMINDER...we open at 12 not 11 on this Saturday November respect for Rememberance Day ....Sea u soon!!!

New Stock

Posted on 2017-10-26

Huge Oders in todAY....Clams ...Blue Squamosa (two different grades...premium and b grade) - Direct coral order ..80 new pieces...also
Frags, Bimac anthias(male and female), blue eye cardinal, blue linkia, candy pistol, cleaner wrasse, copperbands, emerald crabs, feather dusters, foxface, lubbocks, mandarin, mexican red legs, nassarius, clowns, pink margin, powder blue, powder brown, radiant wrasse, mini scoly's, sea hare, sexy shrimp, starry blenny, strawberry conch, trochus snails, Huge Zoa rocks...also tonnes of dry goods...a third order arriving later today will post when for info 6137611743

New Stock....Ultra Squamosa Clams and Crocea

Posted on 2017-08-31

Amazing colour on this bunch...drop by and have a look !!!

New Stock

Posted on 2017-08-24

New Stock this week....highlights...
blue legs, turbo snails, elegance (regular and aussie), exquisite wrasse, blood shrimp, flameback angel, firefish, frags, Mccorskers flasher wrasse, naso tangs, pink turban, purple firefish, pink turbo, ruby red wrasse, sea hares, sixline wrasse, square block anthias, trochus snails, yellow flanked fairy wrasse, yellow pyramid butterfly, flame angels, hector goby, nassarius snails, cleaner shrimp, hippo tangs, aussie lordhowensis frags, duncan frags, black banded tamarin, one spot foxface, yellow mimic tang, tiger shrimp, randalls pistol shrimp, yellow watchman..,.lots of local frags and a nice bright blue for info...sea ya soon!!!

New Stock

Posted on 2017-07-27

New Stock....bangaii, bellus angel, blue spot jawfish, cleaner shrimp, sunburst anthias, firefish, flameback angel, frags, hippo tang, LTA, mandarin, trachs, pink milli, SPS, queen angel juv, radiant wrasse, red flower nems, pink turban, RICS, ruby red, scarlett hermits, sea hares, torch corals, yellow tail tamarin, Large Zoo rocks, royal gramma, , zebra turbo, blue legs, copperbands and lots more....sea ya for info......

Neptune stock

Posted on 2017-06-21

Neptune...ATK (automatic top-off kit) in stock...Can use with controller or stand alone...get em well we got for info

New Stock

Posted on 2017-06-14

EW STOCK....Direct Fiji SPS order just arrived (nice) 80 pieces to follow...Also arrived lemonpeel angel, sunburst anthias, large green clown goby, SCOTT'S fairy wrasse, blue linkia stars, clown tang, blonde naso tang, cleaner wrasse, ornate leopard wrasse and blue hermits....two more orders arriving for info...sea ya soon !!!!

New Stock

Posted on 2017-06-08

New Stock....Aussie yellow tipped elegance (nice), blue face angel (really nice), Pyramid butterfly, blue spot jawfish, filefish, blueheaded fairy, carpenters wrasse, copperband, desjardin tang, exquisite wrasse, pink skunks, flameback angel, frags, green chromis, hippo tangs, long nose hawk, mandarin, mexican red leg and mexican turbo snails, half black mimic tang, nassarius snails, peppermint snails, pink turban, sea hare, sixline wrasse, SPS, square block anthias, ultra green LTA, yellow face candy goby, yellow for info...sea ya soon!!!!

New Livestock and dry goods

Posted on 2017-06-07

New and drygoods...highlights
orchid dottyback, rosyscale wrasse, ornate leopard, fiji zoo's, neon goby, powder blue, blue leg hermits, sand star, tisbe pods, Masstick food, Reefer 350, Aquaforest, RO/DI, Bio cube ( still sale price), 5 foot Seapora tank and stand, Marco rock, sicce pumps, neptune....lots for info...sea ya soon !!!

New Stock

Posted on 2017-06-01

New Stock....highlights...tailspot blenny, starry blenny, firefish, bangaii, flameback angel, jansis pipefish, exquisite wrasse, long fin fairy, darwin clowns, davinci clowns, copperband, sea hare, emeralds, porcelain crab, tiger pistol, blood shrimp, nassarius, feather dusters, euphyllia, elegance, mini scolymia's (nice), rocordea, frags, green brains, awesome chalice, squamosa clam, snails, blue legs, 40 nfiji corals soft and lps, citron goby, yellow and green clown goby, fiji bicolour foxface, fiji coral beauty.....sea ya soon for info
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New Product

Posted on 2017-05-22

Summer Hours...reminder

Posted on 2017-05-22

Summer Hours reminder....Only change is we open at 12 instead of 11.....
Monday Closed
Tuesday-Thursday 12-6
Friday 12-7
Saturday 12-5
Sunday Closed
Sea ya soon...

new stock

Posted on 2017-05-10

New Stock....Algagen Tisbe Pods, neon gobies, darwin clowns, gold midas blenny, exquisite fairy wrasse, longfin fairy wrasse, filefish, green clown goby, yellow clown goby, cleaner wrasse and aussie acans (lord how)....also got trigger emerald sump, zoomed cooling fan, frozen food..two more orders coming for info...sea ya soon


Posted on 2017-05-04

Two New Livestock orders on the way...some highlights
Royal gramma's, blood shrimp, yellow and green clown goby's, filefish, astrea, bangaii, gorgs, candy pistol shrimp, copperbands, firefish, frags, hector goby, kole (sri lanka), longfin fairy wrasses, spotted madarin, mexican red leg hermits, blue legs, Milli's, naso tang, nassarius, peppermints, pink turban, aurora goby, powder brown, regal angels, ruby reds, sea hares, sohal tangs, tiger tails....and more...third order on its way....HUGE LOCAL TANK takedown with amazing large rocks of ricordea and for info...sea ya soon!!!!!

New Stock

Posted on 2017-04-27

New Stock....Seahorses, Frags, blue face angel, small regal angel, cleaner shrimp, copperbands, desjardin tang, doc's eco matter, juv emperor, firefish, flame hawk fish, fromia, blue gomezi acro's (nice), green clown goby, mexican red legs, moorish idol, urchins, nassarius, clowns, peppermint shrimp, powder blue tangs, sailfin tang, sand stars, sea hare, male blue throat, pink stylo, ultra green lta, clown gobies....ect...ect...
call for info...sea ya soon!!!

Second Order

Posted on 2017-04-07

Flame angels, cleaner shrimp, radiant wrasse...ect... sea ya soon

New Stock and sales this Friday and Saturday

Posted on 2017-04-07

New Stock(so far another order on way)...highlights
blonde naso, copperband, dragon pipe, exquisite wrasse, flameback angel, foxface, frags, blue linkia, mandarin, urchins, nassarius, pink turban, pepps, radiant wrasse, red scooter, sand stars, sea hare, square block anthias, sunburst butterfly, tailspot blenny, trochus, fromia.....Don't forget the awesome FIJI SPS and ZOO order that arrived....will post once second order is in...cheers

Yellow tangs $59 this weekend...Also all SPS colonies on sale $69 each or buy 2 or more $59 each...sea ya soon


Posted on 2017-03-31

Two livestock orders just in....some highlights...

green and red paly's (nice), nice mixed zoo rocks, nassarius, scarlets, duncan, blue ricordea florida (nice), yellow wrasse, solar fairy, filefish, green mandarin, neon goby, orange and green plates, astrea, bangaii, davinci clowns, green lta, emperor juv, foxface, frags, hippo tangs, clowns, peppermints, pink margin wrasse, pink turban, powder brown tang, purple tang, regal angel, ruby reds, SCOTTS FAIRY WRASSE, sea hare, tiger tail cucs, trochus, large Zoo for info...will post pics if we get a chance...sea ya soon

We also got a RED SEA REEFER 250 (white) in stock...Lumi Lites and some Tigger lots more....

New Stock

Posted on 2017-03-24

Two Livestock orders so more on way...highlights...

ornate leopard wrasse, purple firefish large, yellow watchman, cleaner wrasse, royal gramma, mexican zebra turbo, emeralds, ricordea, blue face angel (nice), regal angel, Bali Cultured SPS (nice), candelabra, cleaner shrimp, regal angel, condes fairy wrasse, flameback angel, bright green chalice hot pink eyes, orange spot prawn gobi, urchin, orange stars, pepps, purple monti, rainbow harbour gobi, ruby red, tiger pistol shrimp, blue more to come...please call for info...sea ya soon

New Stock

Posted on 2017-03-17

New Stock....
ruby reds, mandarin, tisbe pods, darwin clowns, astrea, aussie corals, bimac anthias, copperbands, dragon face pipefish, emeralds, emperor juv, blood shrimp, foxface, frags, green chromis, lawnmower blenny, urchins, nassarius, powder blue tang, powder brown tang, scarlets, sea hare, six line wrasse, tailspot blenny, peppermints, royal gramma, small regal lots of drygoods...New Gyre back in glamorca gyre flow for info...sea ya soon !!!

New Fiji direct SPS and Zoo's just in...

Posted on 2017-03-15

Neptune order just in

Posted on 2017-03-03

Large Neptune order just in...including the new FMK (flow monitoring kit) for info...sea ya soon

New Stock

Posted on 2017-03-03

New Stock....
Yellow Tail tamarin wrasse (same as one in our display) no holds! limited number....also
atlantic blue tang, evansi anthias, blue star leopard wrasse, copperbands, emperor juv, frags, leopard combtooth blenny, mexican red legs, mexican turbo, urchins, linkia, orchids, peppermint shimp, pink turban, purple firefish, racoon butterfly, radiant wrasse, sunburst butterfly, tigertail cucs, yellow belly hippo, yellow flanked fairy wrasse, ....sea ya soon...please call for info...

New stock

Posted on 2017-03-02

New Stock....two orders today
solar fairy wrasses, leopard wrasse, mexican zebra turbo, exquisite fairy wrasse, cleaner wrasse, spotted mandarin, red mandarin, orchid dottyback, desjardin tang, orange plate coral, duncan corals, torch coral, acans, filefish....sea ya for info...more livestock tomorrow...


Posted on 2017-02-24

Cadlights 50 gallon white...regular $1450 now $1100...includes stand, tank, sump, skimmer and return pump

aslo Frag sale Friday and Saturday....Buy 2 get one free !!!...sea ya soon

New Stock

Posted on 2017-02-24

New stock....highlights

frags, astrea, blue linkia, candy pistol, copperbands, gorgs, dispar, feather dusters, flasher wrasse, firefish, foxface, green chromis, emeralds, green goni, hammer, lawnmower, urchin, purple lta, nassarius, pepps, royal gramma, saifin tang, scarlets, sea hare, conch, siixline, sunburst butterfly, tailspot blenny, regal angel small, trachs, trochus, wantanabei female, pyramid for info..sea ya soon

New Stock

Posted on 2017-02-23

New Stock.......
exquisite fairy wrasse, duncan frags, bimaculatus anthias, gold midas blenny, rainford goby, orchid dotty back, powder blue tang, hippo tang, blue legs, aussie elegance....two more orders for info...sea ya soon

New Stock

Posted on 2017-02-17

New Stock....highlights
Filefish, frags, black leopard wrasse, blue throat trigger, BTA green and rose, coral banded shrimp, elegance, blue linkia, mandarin, nassarius xl, green LTA, orange shoulder tang, peppermint shrimp, pink margin fairy wrasse, pink turban snail, sun coral, red trachs ....sea ya for info

New Stock

Posted on 2017-02-10

New Stock....
purple tang, sohal tang,cleaner shrimp, scarletts, atlantic blue, blue reef chromis, blue throat trigger, cerith, chalk basslet, cherub angel, docs eco matter, emperor angel juv, flasher wrasse, emeralds, long nose butterfly, long nose hawk, long spine urchin, magnificent foxface, mandarin, melanarus wrasse, urchins, naso tang, orange shoulder tang, ornate leopard wrasse, pearly jawfish, peppermint shrimp, powder blue tang, powder brown tang, queen angel, royal gramma, saifin tang, sand sifting stars, trochus, banded possum wrasse.....sea ya for info

New Stock

Posted on 2017-02-09

Small order today...Three livestock orders coming tomorrow...
solar fairy wrasses, nice hippo tangs, yellow watchman, green clown gobi, cultured goniopora, nice green brains....sea ya soon call for info...will post when new orders arrive tomorrow...cheers

New Stock

Posted on 2017-02-02

New Stock....TISBE PODS back in stock, darwin clowns, powder blue tang, sea horses, blue legs, platygyra brains, H2Ocean salt, Marco rock, flame angels, magnificent foxface, foxface, hippo tangs, sea hare, starry blenny, copperband, green chromis, cleaner wrasse, powder blue tang......sea ya for info
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NEW stock....Livestock...New Gyre - Flow $199.99...Eshopps Axium skimmers

Posted on 2017-01-27

New Stock..highlights
frags, pistol shrimp, candy pistol, cleaner shrimp, gree clove, copperband, gorgs, elegance, blood shrimp, frogspawn, emeralds, hammers, harlequin shrimp, LTA, blue reef chromis, scarlets, lubbocks, square block anthias, mandarin, melanarus, naso tangs, pink goni, hectors, ricordea, sea hare, tiger tail cucs, trochus, wheeleri goby, ....ect
call for info...sea ya soon

New Arrivals Jan 13

Posted on 2017-01-13

New Stock....2 orders arrived today ...some highlights
filefish, blue hypnea, choc chip stars, coral beauty, firefish, frags, emeralds, lta, melanarus, mexican red leg, orchids, peppermints, pink turban, powder blue, tailspot blenny, tiger pistol, red trachs, trochus, tuxedo urchin, fromia, nassarius, aussie acans, ruby reds, leopard wrasse, yellow watchmans....ect
call for info...sea ya soon
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Holiday Hours

Posted on 2016-12-24

Saturday Dec 24th 11:00-1:00
Sunday Dec 25th Closed
Monday Dec 26th Closed
Tuesday Dec 27th 11:00-6:00
Wed. Dec 28th 11:00-6:00
Thursday Dec 29th 11:00-6:00
Friday Dec 30th Closed
Saturday Dec 31st Closed
Sunday Jan 1st Closed
Monday Jan 2nd Closed
Tuesday Jan 3rd Regular Hours Resume

Winter opening hours

Posted on 2016-11-15

Sun Closed
Mon Closed
Tues 11:00-6:00
Wed 11:00-6:00
Thurs 11:00-6:00
Fri 11:00-7:00
Sat 11:00-5:00

New Arrivals Nov 2016

Posted on 2016-11-09

Test New arrivals includes:
- Live rocks
- Marine fish
- SPS, LPS and Zoanthids

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